Our Services


The Healing Place of Texarkana has provided Job Training for the Arkansas Workforce Services. We provide on the job work experience at our center to prepare their clients for employment. Our method of preparing clients for employment is by educating them in specific skills for specific jobs. A final evaluation is given to the client as they demonstrate their newly learned skills. Arkansas Workforce Services considers the clients evaluation as part of their job experience and reference for employment. Many business operators feel that effective job training makes an important contribution to their company's success. This training experience brings employment to those who have been seen in the past as unemployable because of lack of experience. This program allows us to partner with Arkansas Workforce Services and build the community with a hand up and not a hand out. Arkansas Workforce Services provides us with volunteers for training, and the program provides them with candidates for the area's employer.

Computer training is offered to help individuals sharpen their basic computer skills. "Basic computer skills" cover a wide variety of topics. The most basic functions include turning a computer on and off, starting and closing programs, and finding help, if needed. These skills require little more than a quick demonstration for most people. Other basic computer training skills are a bit more complicated, but they are needed nonetheless. Our training program teaches basic computer skills as well as word processing programs, using emails, and searching the internet. We also help them with resume writing, job search, and setting up a personal email account. This is offered at our center by a trained volunteer throughout the week in our computer lab.


GED Program: The Healing Place offers GED classes by partnering with the Local Literacy Council. The GED program uses a computer lab on site. The students are allowed to work at their own pace with a tutor from the Arkansas Literacy Council or other trained tutors. A tutor is provided twice a week. This safe environment helps our clients prepare for their GED test. Earning a high school equivalency certificate is a chance to feel a great sense of accomplishment, and it's the path that will lead many towards furthering their education and employment.

College Days: In partnership with Texarkana College and Texas A & M University-Texarkana, we host “College Days” at The Healing Place. This monthly activity encourages our clients to extend their need for continual education. A college recruiter visits our center and helps prepare our clients for college and career readiness. Clients can register for courses during this time. The College Recruiter shares all available courses and financial aid sources needed to receive a college degree. This program helps empower our community by promoting education.

Our Financial Freedom classes are facilitated by local financial institutions willing to give back to our community. They offer free services once a month at The Healing Place. The purpose of these classes are to help individuals with credit repair, budgeting, and first time home ownership. Financial freedom contributes to a greater sense of overall freedom and health by giving them the ability to enjoy life and to control certain financial aspects of their lives. When people are under financial pressure, they often experience stress, worry and impaired relationships. Financial freedom reduces or eliminates those negative consequences. Our clients feel a sense of worth after they receive a certificate of completion and begin making wise financial decisions.

Married for Life Education is to promote healthy relationships. This education is offered at our center and facilitated by a volunteer who is a certified relationship trainer. Many families are suffering in the area of what a "healthy" relationship is, and they lack knowledge of what that solid relationship looks like. This 8-hour class is offered to singles, engaged, and married couples in order to prepare them for successful relationships. It is our desire to build strong families by helping them work through the challenges of life. There is a $25.00 fee to attend this class, however, we will not turn anyone away if they don't have the funds. The fee will cover their material, snacks, and certificate. Those that present their certificate to the marriage license bureau will receive a discount on their license fee.


In efforts to have a healthy community, we offer a Health and Fitness program to reach the entire family. Our trained fitness instructors commit one hour of volunteer time, offering free classes twice a month at the center. We also provide them with a free body analysis to help create a health plan that will promote healthy choices. We compare their healthy human body, to a healthy community. When both systems function as they should, they work together to make the body and community function well.

A healthy community as a whole is larger than the sum of its parts. It's one where people take care of one another. It helps people form diverse backgrounds mix comfortably, and work together for the good of the community. In short, a healthy community is one in which all citizens can be assured of a quality of life - economically, physically, environmentally, socially, and spiritually.

A Tae Kwon Do class is offered twice a month for children ages five and older at The Healing Place. A professional Martial Arts Instructor volunteers his time to encourage the need for effective children's activities within our community. Tae Kwon Do enables every child to be a winner by allowing them to reach for their own potential rather than trying to compete directly against their peers. The students are encouraged to bring 10 canned food items to give back to those in need within the community. By doing this, we break the "hand out" mentality and promote serving others by giving back to those less fortunate.

 Tae Kwon Do encourages self- confidence to our students. As children accomplish new goals, their confidence level increases. They progress at their own pace and are not judged against others. Tae Kwon Do improves children’s poise, self-confidence, and discipline. This discipline carries over into home and school life. Children learn to be "street smart", to think and not panic in a potentially, serious situations. This also teaches them how to react to threats from other kids. This class promotes a family environment as parents and guardians attend this class in support of their children.


Our goal is to provide easy-to-use tools to inform those who need help. Most importantly, we desire our resources to help people find additional organizations within the community that can provide services. We offer referrals for housing, clothing, and food needs. We also have a “Women’s Career Closet” located inside our building. Our closet provides free clothing and accessories for women returning to the workforce or for a job interview. While partnering with the Workforce Services, we further support our clients by offering appropriate professional clothing. This system and clothing resource for women helps build self-esteem, and confidence. We teach them how to appropriately dress and behave in the workforce. A volunteer oversees this closet, which is opened two days a week, or by appointment. We give them a one on one personal shopping experience and make-over given by a volunteer cosmetologist at The Healing Place.


Counseling is offered once a week by our Licensed Professional Counselor at The Healing Place by appointment only. Several counselors volunteer their time to those in need of these services free of charge. Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. Our center’s counseling goal is to promote wholeness within by providing counseling in the following areas: Marriage and Family Counseling, Guidance and Career Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Educational Counseling.


Community-based collaboration refers to the process by which citizens, agencies, organizations, and businesses make formal work together to share information and resources in order to accomplish a shared vision. In collaboration with others, we can address the needs of those within the community as a whole. Those in partnership with us will work as a liaison or representative of their company. They volunteer their services to The Healing Place as needed for assisting with a client’s need or for an upcoming community event. The goal of collaboration is to bring individuals and members of communities, agencies, and organizations together in an atmosphere of support to systematically solve existing and emerging problems that could not easily be solved by one group alone. Collaboration provides shared decisions and opportunities to examine efficient ways to address common issues and reduce duplication of cost and effort. We presently partner with the Literacy Council of Miller-Bowie County, Texas Workforce, Arkansas Workforce Services, City of Texarkana, Arkansas, Texarkana Community College, Miller County Health Unit, A&M University-Texarkana and church groups when offered.


The Healing Place is dependent upon volunteer’s involvement program. This allows those within the community to volunteer some of their time in effort to give back to our community. We enlist the support of local churches, businesses, or individuals looking to give back to others. Our volunteer program also provides internships which will provide opportunities for involvement in outreach activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change. One of the activities that volunteers may be involved in is basic education on topics such as nutrition, diet, exercise, home ownership, and finances. We also make use of our volunteers for fundraising events, tutoring, maintenance, support groups, children’s programs, and more. Such activities shall always be free of charge to participants and will not include compensation to the volunteers.